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  1. Quick Overview

    Sure Success Program

    The sure success program is going to be your best friend in the last moments of your preparation!

    It has been specially curated by Dr Bhatia to make sure you don't miss out on your dream rank, wherein, he will be discussing each medicine topic in question and answer format and will guide you on how to approach and answer that question using different methods.

    He will be guiding you to use the exclusion process, for answering a question even when you don't know the answer.

    The last-minute revision points (LMRP) it is an exclusive feature

    LMRPs give you the extra edge as they are very useful to target single liners that are very often asked in the NEET/PGI/AIIMS PG exam.

    • More than 10,000 LMRPs of all the 19 subjects.
    • Last year 143/300 in NEET PG & 81/200 in AIIMS PG came directly from the LMRPS !!!
    • This year more than 50% questions are likely to come from our LMRPs !!!
    Harrison 20th Editions Updates

    Large number of new updates from Harrison 20th editions are included in this course. You won't get these points in any of the PG guides/books !!!

    Along with that, you will be getting the previous year questions with explanatory answers i.e.
    • AIIMS PG - 2015, 2016, 2017
    • NEET PG - 2016, 2017, 2018

    All the previous years questions have been authenticated by DBMCI academic team and their answers are thoroughly checked by them., to make sure If a previous year question or a topic repeats itself, you can score great !!!

    Medicine Test & Discussion Video Lectures by Dr. Bhatia

    Dr. Bhatia himself has covered all Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and important questions of Medicine by video lectures.

    Image-based questions

    There are a large number of image based questions and their explanation so as to strengthen up your image based knowledge.

    The growing importance of images in the exam can be clearly seen in the before held exams, with up to 20-30% exam being completely image based.

    Having an image as the question has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantage is that a person's picture-based memory is stronger than word based, so if you have seen an image before, it stays in a corner of your mind and clicks at exactly the right time when it's needed and can help you save the day.

    The second advantage, it helps you save time, you see an image, either you know it or you don't, so you don't waste time conceptualizing an answer

    It is a complete plan/package to crack the PG Medical Examinations & achieve dream specialization.

    Price: Rs. 5000 + GST(18%) = Rs. 5900

    You can buy this Package Currenty from our Website www.dbmci.com. This will be also available on our App for purchase shortly